Water Meter

GeoPro and Geo-Loop have worked together to develop this easy to install and use Water Meter Kit exclusively for Geo-Loop grouters. With their quick attach/release system, these water meter kits make accurate water measurement faster and easier.

Attach your water supply and watch the dial to get the precise amount of mix water needed for your GeoPro grout mix. It is easier than measuring along the mixing shaft and will make grouting go even smoother.

What Is In the Kit?

Each water meter kit is shipped with the following parts.

  • Water Meter Assembly
  • Male Cam Lock Assembly
  • Support Assembly
  • Steel Template for Marking Hole Placement
  • Hole Saw


Do not expose to temperatures below 32°F(0°C). Freezing will permanently damage internal components of water meter.

How Do I Get A Kit?

If you would like a GeoPro Water Meter Kit, they are available through your local distributor. If you have questions, please contact Tyler Harbeck at (877) 580-9348 x. 106