Silica Sand Evaluation


Silica Sand Evaluation

Silica sand can be a critical component in Thermal Grout Lite and Thermal Grout Select mixtures. Any sand to be used with Thermal Grout must meet our stringent requirements. We can only guarantee that Thermal Grout will meet project specifications when used with PowerTEC or when an approved silica sand source is used.

Our R&D lab has already evaluated a large number of sand sources across the United States but there may be some that have not been fully examined.  We encourage drilling contractors to explore the various sand sources that are close to the project site. We can determine the range of thermal conductivity values that can be obtained with a given sand sample. We can even offer an adjusted recipe to achieve a specific value, if necessary.

In some cases, locally obtained sand may not be able to reach the target value for your geothermal project and we will provide alternative recommendations. Our goal is to provide you the information necessary to make the best possible decision with both performance and cost in mind.

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