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BH20 is GeoPro’s non-thermally enhanced, high-solids bentonite grouting product. It is primarily used in applications where an environmental seal is necessary but thermal conductivity above 0.42 is not required.

BH20 is mixed as a 20% to 25% high-solids grout and sets into a semi-rigid plug. It is used to seal water wells and casings, environmental and geotechnical wells, abandoned well decommissioning and for GSHP systems where a 0.42 thermal conductivity is acceptable.

BH20 is a standalone product requiring only potable water for mixing. Its unique formulation decreases the amount & variety of materials required on site and eliminates the need for mix water chemistry experiments before use. As with all of GeoPro's grouting products, BH20 provides superior groundwater protection and environmental sealing capabilities.


When mixed according to our specifications, BH20:

  • Does not flash hydrate.
  • Does not require thorough testing of mix water chemistry prior to use.
  • Does not require the use of polymers, soda ash or other chemicals for proper handling.
  • Provides more working time in the field compared to the leading alternative, which leads to less frequent problems with system plugging and shutdown.
  • Provides an environmental seal with a measured permeability values less than 1x10-7 cm/s (tested according to ASTM D-5084).
  • Complies with NSF/ANSI Standard 60 requirements for purity and suitability for contact with drinking water.

BH20 is packaged in 50lb bags with 54 bags per heat shrunk pallet. Properties and associated certifications are independently verified by a third party laboratory. Copies of independent test reports are available upon request.

BH20 is not intended for use as a thermal grout. TG Lite or TG Select are needed for thermally-enhanced applications.