Water Quality Test Kit

GeoPro's products are rigorously tested in the lab and in the field for sensitivity to water quality issues so that we know the symptoms if you ever report a problem. After years of evaluation, we have found that as long as all GeoPro products are mixed with potable water that is between 50°F-80°F, there is very rarely a problem.

But, if you want to be sure from the start that you are using a quality mix water, purchase one of these handy Water Quality Test Kits. Check temperature, pH and Chlorine levels without mixing chemicals or waiting for hours to get results.

What Is In the Kit?

Each water quality test kit is shipped with the following:

  • 1- Digital Thermometer w/ Sheath (batteries are included)
  • 1- Water Testing Procedure Instruction Set
  • 1- Water Sample Container
  • 1- pH Test Strip Container
    • 20- pH Test Strips
  • 1- Chlorine Test Strip Container
    • 20- Chlorine Test Strips
  • 20- Results Cards

How Do I Get A Kit?

If you would like a GeoPro Water Quality Test Kit, they are available through your local distributor. If you have questions, please contact Tyler Harbeck at (877) 580-9348 x. 106