GeoPro Inc.


GeoPro Inc.

Since our founding we have maintained our reputation as quality and service leaders in the ground source heat pump industry because we treat our customers and our employees with the respect they deserve. We believe that it is not enough for us to succeed, we must do so with integrity.

GeoPro as a company strives to fulfill the promise of the following three interrelated missions.

Product Mission

To develop, distribute and sell bentonite-based thermal grouts that are the industry benchmarks for quality, consistency and pumpability.

Research Mission

To further the understanding of the thermodynamic and physical characteristics of thermal grouts to guide focused improvement of our products for the geothermal heating and cooling industry.

Social Mission

To educate and provide quality services to help guide practitioners and policymakers, to ensure the continued success of the GSHP industry and the subsequent environmental benefits inherent to the wide-scale adoption of this verdant technology.

GeoPro Company Profile

GeoPro is a leading expert in the geothermal heating and cooling industry. We performed the original research to develop thermally-enhanced grouts, not only paving the way for the grouting industry, but for improved ground heat exchanger performance in general. We took the knowledge gained from our research and built the thermal grout market from the ground up. We were the first to the table and have had the most time to perfect the quality and ease-of-use of our products.

The geothermal heat pump industry is our primary focus. Our principal management team has more than six decades of combined experience within the industry. We are actively involved in educational outreach activities as well as the development of training materials and industry standards.

Paving the Way:

When it comes to the thermally-enhanced grout market, we were the first to:

  • Develop a saleable product for the ground source heat pump industry.
  • Obtain state regulatory approval (when required).
  • Obtain NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certification to NSF/ANSI standard 60 to guarantee purity and suitability for contact with drinking water.
  • Educate mechanical engineers about the cost advantages of thermal grout in commercial projects.
  • Assist industry software developers with algorithms to properly model the effect of thermal grout on ground heat exchanger performance.
  • Develop a “selectable” product, where a targeted thermal conductivity value can easily and repeatably exceed minimum project requirements (set forth by the Engineer of Record).
  • Routinely perform independent testing of hydraulic and thermal conductivity performance per ASTM testing standards (ASTM D 5084 for Hydraulic Conductivity and ASTM D 5334 for Thermal Conductivity).
  • Implement a field quality control program, where field-collected samples are sent directly from the project (on a blind sample basis) and then tested for actual thermal performance to verify compliance with project specifications.
  • Offer “guaranteed” loopfield design assistance to engineers who have little to no ground loop heat exchanger design experience.
  • Offer a graphite-based thermal enhancement alternative to silica sand.

No other grouting products in the market have been independently tested or put to use as extensively as Thermal Grout Lite or Thermal Grout Select. When it comes to thermally-enhanced grouts, GeoPro continues to set the standard by which all others measure their success.

GeoPro: providing proven engineered solutions to an advanced technology industry since 1995.


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