PowerTEC 32lb

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PowerTEC is the new standard thermal enhancement compound. With improved consistency, better handling, less dust, lower delivered cost and reduced lead time... we think you will agree it is time for a change.


GeoPro, Inc.

GeoPro is the worldwide leader in the supply of bentonite-based thermal grouts for GSHP applications. We have maintained this designation for more than a decade because of our uncompromising commitment to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.


GeoPro is focused on the development of thermal grouts and enhancement compounds primarily for use in the geothermal heating and cooling industry. We are experts in the field with more than 6 decades of combined experience.


There are companies that improve on existing technologies and there are companies that invent solutions to problems you never knew existed. GeoPro does both. We invented thermal grout and every day our team of engineers and technicians work to make it better.


It starts with our unparalleled quality control standards and extends to our customer service philosophy. GeoPro demands consistency in all aspects of our business because with consistency comes dependability.


GeoPro’s bentonite based thermal grouts have been painstakingly crafted to deliver reliable thermal conductivities with unsurpassed pumpability. Our internal quality control program ensures that each production run is carefully evaluated to maintain product consistency and performance.

The target thermal conductivity values in our mix tables are representative of the lowest values recorded in the lab. By being conservative in how we define our products, we ensure that our customers in the field can meet or exceed their target every time.

Thermal Grout Lite

Thermal Grout Lite

TG Lite is the first product in our Thermal Grout line and is designed specifically for geothermal heating and cooling applications where traditional silica sand-based mixes are being used and desired thermal conductivities range between 0.45-1.00 Btu/hr-ft-°F. TG Lite can be used with PowerTEC to achieve thermal conductivity values up to 1.20 Btu/hr-ft-°F with or without the use of silica sand.

Thermal Grout Select

Thermal Grout Select

TG Select shares the pumpability and ease of handling exhibited by TG Lite but has an increased capacity for thermal enhancement compounds allowing for thermal conductivities in the range of 0.45-1.20 Btu/hr-ft-°F for traditional silica sand-based mixes. TG Select can be used with PowerTEC to achieve thermal conductivity values up to 1.60 Btu/hr-ft-°F with or without the use of silica sand.



BH20 is a specially formulated bentonite based grouting product ideally suited for use in projects where thermal conductivity in the bore hole is not critical.



PowerTEC is a thermal enhancement compound designed for use with either TG Lite or TG Select and may be used to replace or improve the thermal performance of silica sand thermal grout recipes. PowerTEC is well suited for any thermally enhanced grouting application offering lower mixed viscosities, reduced formation losses, decreased grout weight, and less material required at the job site when compared to traditional silica sand mixes.


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Water Well Volume

Use the water well volume calculator to get the material quantities necessary for water well sealing or abandonment. The calculator includes the option to use GeoPro grouts or plug material.

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