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GeoPro turns the old saying “you get what you pay for” on its head. Only one word can be used to describe our “free” services – priceless.

Our singular focus and more than half-century of combined experience allow us to offer services and customer support that are unmatched by anyone else in the geothermal industry. When you purchase one of our grouting products, you get more than just what is in the bag. Every customer is encouraged to take advantage of our free loopfield design assistance, grout sample thermal conductivity testing and silica sand evaluation services.

Expertise Assurance Dedication

GeoPro performed the original research to develop thermal grouts. Our team is actively involved in writing technical manuals and installation standards for the geothermal heating and cooling industry. Our intimate understanding of all things geo flows through to our support services.

We are motivated by one goal – getting the job done right. From design assistance to product verification through sample testing, we will help to ensure that project specifications are met every time. 

GeoPro doesn’t have a wide range of products to make or different markets to serve. Our singular focus on geothermal allows us to put our energy exactly where it’s most needed - you. Customers are our first priority and our services are designed to demonstrate just that.

Grout Sample Testing

Grout Sample Testing

GeoPro offers thermal grout sample testing to help installers ensure that they are meeting the design target thermal conductivities with their thermal grout mixes. Simply send us a sample of grout and our state of the art lab will return to you the thermal conductivity of the mix you achieved.

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Loopfield Design Icon

Loopfield Design Service

The engineering team at GeoPro has over a half century of experience in designing ground heat exchangers for geothermal heating and cooling systems. We offer our design expertise and services to any customer who uses Thermal Grout Lite or Thermal Grout Select absolutely free of charge.

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Silica Sand Evaluation

Silica Sand Evaluation

Silica Sand is a key ingredient in thermal grout mixes and the sand used on site must meet our specifications in order for your thermal grout to achieve the targeted thermal conductivity and maintain pumpability. If you want to check that your sand is up to snuff, take advantage of our Silica Sand Evaluation service.

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